FSC 9930 Memorials; Cemeterial and Mortuary Equipment and Supplies

Includes Grave Markers; Burial Vaults; Burial Urns; Caskets; Burial Boxes; Morticians' Supplies; Monuments; Gasket Shipping Cases.

Excludes Hearses; Mortuary Refrigerators.

FSC 9905 Signs, Advertising Displays, and Identification Plates

Includes Electric Signs; Sign Boards; Display Stands; Mannequins and other display forms; Printed Signs; General Purpose Identification Tags and Blanks, Nonpersonal; Plates and Tags for specific applications.

FSC 9920 Smokers' Articles and Matches

Includes Cigarette Lighters; Lighter Fluid; Pipe Reamers; Ash Trays; Tobacco Humidors; Packaged Cigarette Paper.

Excludes Ash receivers and lighters specifically designed for installation in or on equipment.

FSC 9999 Miscellaneous Items

Includes only those items which cannot conceivably be classified in any existing classes

FSC 9915 Collectors' and/or Historical Items

Includes Antiques; Artifacts; Coins; Stamps; Rare Books; Works of Art, Collectors and/or Historical Gems; Jewelry, and Cut Precious Stones; Natural History Items.

FSC 9925 Ecclesiastical Equipment, Furnishings, and Supplies

Includes Vestments; Altars; Communion Sets; Ecclesiastical Candelabra; Chalices; Patens; Altar Cloths; Ecclesiastical Statuary; Sacramental Wine.