FSC 9630 Additive Metal Materials

Includes Alloying Additives (Aluminum, Antimony, Copper, and Others).

Excludes Fuel Inhibiting Additives (FSC 6850).

FSC 9670 Iron and Steel Scrap

FSC 9610 Ores

Includes Bauxite; Ferrous Ores; Lead Ores; Precious Metal Ores; Radioactive Metal Ores; Zinc Ores.

FSC 9640 Iron and Steel Primary and Semifinished Products

Includes Ingots; Pigs; Billets; Blooms; Muck Bar; Rods for Wire; Sheet Bar; Skelp; Tube Rounds.

FSC 9680 Nonferrous Scrap

FSC 9650 Nonferrous Base Metal Refinery and Intermediate Forms

Includes Ingots; Slabs.

FSC 9660 Precious Metals Primary Forms

Includes Bullion; Ingot.

FSC 9620 Minerals, Natural and Synthetic

Includes Clays and other Earths; Mica; Asbestos; Crude Petroleum; Graphite.

Excludes Gravel (FSC 5610); Sand (FSC 5610); Abrasives (FSC 5350); Refractory Clays (FSC 9350).