FSC 9390 Miscellaneous Fabricated Nonmetallic Materials

Includes Cork Fabricated Basic Materials; Asbestos Fabricated Materials; Manufactured Mica; Minerals for scientific and technical use (cut but not mounted); Pottery Supplies; Catgut and Wormgut; Vegetable Brush Fibers; Bagasse.

FSC 9320 Rubber Fabricated Materials

Includes Natural and Synthetic Rubber Fabricated Materials, such as Rubber Sheets, Structural Rubber Shapes, Strips.

FSC 9340 Glass Fabricated Materials

Includes Glass Rods, Bars, and Tubing; Optical Glass Blanks; Structural and Building Glass; Glass Blocks.

Excludes Insulators (FSC 5970); Ophthalmic Glass Blanks (FSC 6540); and Cable, Fiber Optics (FSCs 6015 and 6615).

FSC 9330 Plastics Fabricated Materials

Includes Cellulose Acetate and other plastics; Bars, Rods, Sheets, and Strips.

Excludes Cable, Fiber Optic.

FSC 9350 Refractories and Fire Surfacing Materials

FSC 9310 Paper and Paperboard

Includes Book Paper Stock; Newsprint; Paperboard; Bulk Paper Materials.

Excludes Corrugated Paper; Wrapping Paper; Building Board; Insulating Board; Stationery; Construction Paper; Paper Towels; Facial Tissues; Blank Books; Containers; Shipping and Identification Tags.