FSC 8510 Perfumes, Toilet Preparations, and Powders

Includes Colognes; Cosmetics; Deodorants; Depilatories; Toilet Waters.

FSC 8520 Toilet Soap, Shaving Preparations, and Dentifrices

Includes Toothpaste; Shaving Soap.

Excludes Medicated Soaps.

FSC 8530 Personal Toiletry Articles

Includes Hair Brushes; Nail Brushes; Nail Files; Toothbrushes; Manicure and Pedicure Implements; Razors and Blades.

Excludes Dental Floss.

FSC 8540 Toiletry Paper Products

Includes Facial Tissues; Paper Toilet Seat Covers; Toilet Paper; Paper Napkins; Doilies.

Excludes Towel Dispensers; Paper Plates and Cups.