FSC 8310 Yarn and Thread

FSC 8320 Padding and Stuffing Materials

Includes Feathers and Downs, Processed; Spanish Moss, Processed; Cotton Wadding and Batting; Kapok.

Excludes Feathers and Downs, Unprocessed.

FSC 8345 Flags and Pennants

Includes Signalling Flags; Flagstaffs; Signal Shapes; Flagpoles; Flagstaff Trucks; Speed Cones; Flagstaff Belts; Semaphore Flags.

FSC 8325 Fur Materials

Includes Crosses; Sacs; Fur Plates; Fur Mats.

FSC 8305 Textile Fabrics

Includes Canvas Materials; Plastic Fabrics; Felt Materials; Netting, Plastic and Textile; Oilcloth; Textile Scrap.

Excludes Carpeting.

FSC 8340 Tents and Tarpaulins

Includes Tent Pins; Tent Poles; Multiple purpose covers of woven or unwoven fabrics, not for permanent installation.

FSC 8335 Shoe Findings and Soling Materials

Includes Counters; Taps; Shoe Laces; Lasts and Last Sole Patterns; Ornamental Shoe Buckles and Bows.

FSC 8330 Leather

Includes Garment Leather; Patent Leather; Glove Leather; Shoe Leather; Upholstery Leather; Industrial Leather.

Excludes Belting; Shoe Findings.

FSC 8315 Notions and Apparel Findings

Includes Buttons; Dressmakers' Pins; Needles; Shoulder Pads; Embroideries; Stamped Art Goods for Embroidery and Art Needlework; Hair Nets; Sewing Kits.

Excludes Yarn; Thread; General Purpose Buckles.