FSC 8010 Paints, Dopes, Varnishes, and Related Products

Includes Water Paints; Oil Paints and Latex; Driers; Paint Primers; Lacquers; Paint Sealers; Pigments for Coloring; Stains; Turpentine; Paint Removers.

Excludes Acetone, Wood and Wall Fillers.

FSC 8020 Paint and Artists' Brushes

Excludes Airbrushes.

FSC 8030 Preservative and Sealing Compounds

Includes Fire Resistant Compounds; Water Resistant Compounds; Weather Resistant Compounds; Belt Dressing; Antiseize Compounds; Calking and Glazing Compounds; Putties; Wood and Metal Fillers.

Excludes Food Preservative Compounds.

FSC 8040 Adhesives

Includes Glue; Mucilage; Sizes; Adhesive Cements.