FSC 7910 Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

Includes Domestic and Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment; Carpet Sweepers.

Excludes Self-propelled and Trailer Mounted Vacuum Cleaners.

FSC 7920 Brooms, Brushes, Mops, and Sponges

Includes Squeegees; Whisk Brooms.

Excludes Hair Brushes; Toothbrushes; Paint and Artists' Brushes.

FSC 7930 Cleaning and Polishing Compounds and Preparations

Includes Scouring Powders; Washing Compounds; Detergents; Nontoilet Soaps; Automobile and Household Polishes and Waxes.

Excludes Shaving Soap; Toilet Soap; Abrasive Polishing Compounds; Metal Finishing Abrasives; Surgical Detergents.