FSC 7735 Parts and Accessories of Phonographs, Radios, and Television Set: Home Type

Includes: Remote Control Handsets

Excludes: Batteries (FSC 6135/6140), Charger, Battery (FSC 6130), Headset (FSC 5965), Microphone (FSC 5965), Power Adapter/Supply (FSC 6130), and Speakers (FSC 5965)

FSC 7740 Phonograph Records

Excludes Training Aid Records.

FSC 7710 Musical Instruments

Excludes Phonographs; Radios; Television Sets.

FSC 7720 Musical Instrument Parts and Accessories

Includes Instrument Cases; Music Stands; Tuning Forks.

FSC 7730 Phonographs, Radios, and Television Sets: Home Type

Includes Combination Sets.

Excludes Coin Operated Phonographs; Wire and Tape Recorders.