FSC 7510 Office Supplies

Includes Crayons; Erasers; File Holders; Writing Ink; Printing Ink; Paper Fasteners; Pencils; Penholders and Pen Points; Rulers, Office Type; Art Supplies; Tape, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

Excludes Office Devices; Fountain Pens; Artists' Brushes; Paper Stationery; Record Forms; Mechanical Pencils.

FSC 7520 Office Devices and Accessories

Includes Copyholders; Fountain Pens and Pen Desk Sets; Pencil Sharpeners; Paper Punches; Staplers, Office Type; Artists' Accessories, such as Easels, Airbrushes; Slide Rules.

FSC 7530 Stationery and Record Forms

Includes Business Forms; Record Books; Surveyors' Computation Forms; Electric Accounting Machine (EAM) Cards; Forms approved for use within individual government activities.

Excludes Standard forms approved for government-wide use.

FSC 7540 Standard Forms

Includes Only those standard forms approved for government-wide use by the government activities empowered to do so (such as the U.S. Bureau of the Budget and the U.S. General Accounting Office, and similar organizations in other NATO countries).

Excludes Forms approved for use within individual government activities.