FSC 7030 Information Technology Software

Includes System programs, such as operating systems, assemblers, compilers, executive routines, interpreters, translators; utility programs, such as sort/merge programs, media conversion, maintenance diagnostic programs; and application programs, such as payroll, inventory control, and engineering analysis programs.

Excludes Software designed to Government specifications to satisfy the requirements of a particular user or for use with ADPE properly classifiable in an FSG other than FSG 70. Also excludes operating manuals and programmers' manuals properly classified in FSG 76.

FSC 7020 Information Technology Central Processing Unit (CPU, Computer), Analog

FSC 7021 Information Technology Central Processing Unit (CPU, Computer), Digital

FSC 7022 Information Technology Central Processing Unit (CPU, Computer), Hybrid

FSC 7025 Information Technology Input/Output and Storage Devices

FSC 7010 Information Technology Equipment System Configuration

FSC 7040 Punched Card Equipment

Includes Collating machines, key punch machines, tabulating machines; verifiers; reproducers; summary punches, sorters; interpreters.

Excludes Card actuated machines designed for use with an ADPE system.

FSC 7035 Information Technology Support Equipment

FSC 7042 Mini and Micro Computer Control Devices

Includes Mini or micro computers used as control mechanisms where computer technology is essential in controlling, monitoring, measuring, and directing processes, devices, instruments or other equipment.

Excludes Mini and micro computer control devices which are designed specifically for use in and/or integral to higher order systems, e.g., aircraft fire control systems, numerically controlled machine tools, sequence controlled printing equipment, motion measuring instruments, office information system equipment, and the like.

FSC 7045 Information Technology Supplies

FSC 7050 Information Technology Components