FSC 5307 Studs

FSC 5340 Hardware, Commercial

Includes Access Covers; Bumpers; Casters; Cabinet and Door Hardware; Clevises; Hinges; Latches; Straps and Strapping; Turnbuckles; Webbed Straps.

Excludes Weapons System Hardware (FSC 5342).

FSC 5310 Nuts and Washers

Includes Locknuts; Eye Nuts; Plain Nuts; Castellated Nuts; Wing Nuts; Plate Nuts; Push on Nuts; Concave and Convex Washers; Flat Washers; Keyed Washers; Lock Washers; Shouldered Washers; Split Washers.

Excludes Bearing Thrust Washers (FSC 3120); Shims (FSC 5365); Ring Spacers (FSC 5365); Plate Spacers (FSC 5365); Lock Rings (FSC 5365).

FSC 5342 Hardware, Weapon System

Includes Adapters; Anchor Plates and Straps; Anodes; Bellows; Couplings; Control Rods; Access Doors; Fairleads; Mounts; Tie Rods; Yokes.

Excludes Commercial Hardware (FSC 5340).

FSC 5315 Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins

Includes Dowel Pins, Split Pins; Spikes; Tacks; Nonoffice Type Staples; Machine Keys; Brads; Shouldered Pins; Cotter Pins; Nails.

Excludes Shafts (FSC 3040); Lock Keys (FSC 5340).

FSC 5345 Disks and Stones, Abrasive

Includes Abrasive Belts and Belting; Hones; Abrasive Wheels, Multiapplication.

Excludes Dental Abrasives; Abrasive Cones, and other Abrasive Attachments for equipment.

FSC 5320 Rivets

FSC 5350 Abrasive Materials

Includes Cloth; Papers; Powders; Abrasive Polishing Compounds; Metal Finishing Abrasives; Industrial Diamonds; Diamond Dust; Rouge.

FSC 5325 Fastening Devices

Includes Eyelets; Grommets; Aircraft Cowling Fasteners; Textile Fasteners; Retaining Rings; Threaded Inserts.

FSC 5355 Knobs and Pointers

Includes Knobs, including Calibrated Knobs; Dials, Scale.

FSC 5330 Packing and Gasket Materials

Includes General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, and chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets and Seals designed for a single specific application.

Excludes O-Rings (FSC 5331); Bulk material items, such as; Rubber, Cork, and Asbestos Sheets and Strips (FSG 93); Liquid Gasket Materials (RTV, Permatex, etc.) (FSG 80); RFI and EMI Seals and Gaskets (FSC 5999), and all Seal Retainers.

FSC 5360 Coil, Flat, Leaf, and Wire Springs

Includes Compression Springs; Torsion Springs; Leaf Spring Assemblies; Flat Springs; Extension Springs.

FSC 5305 Screws

FSC 5331 O-Ring

Excludes Packing and Gasket Material (FSC 5330).

FSC 5365 Bushings, Rings, Shims, and Spacers

Includes Externally Threaded Rings; Keyed and Serrated Lock Rings; Dee Rings; Instrument Retaining Rings; Shim Sets and Assortments; Plate Spacers; Ring Spacers; Sleeve Spacers; Stepped Spacers; Spacer Sets and Assortments; Sleeve Bushings; Machine Threaded Bushings; Machine Threaded Plugs.

Excludes Sleeve Bearings (FSC 3120); Pipe Threaded Plugs (FSC 4730); Piston Rings (FSC 2520, 2805, 2810, 2815, 2825, 2990, 3040, 4310, and 4820); Retaining Rings (FSC 5325); Shim Stock (FSC 9515).

FSC 5306 Bolts

FSC 5335 Metal Screening

Includes Insect Screening; Industrial Metal Cloth; Industrial Metal Mesh.

Excludes Fencing (FSC 5660).