FSC 4440 Driers, Dehydrators, and Anhydrators

Includes Evaporators.

FSC 4470 Nuclear Reactors

Includes Refueling Machines; Ion Chamber Seals; Thermal Barriers; Control Rods; Steam Generators, Pressurized Water; Reactor Vessel Shells; Handling Carts; Hoisting Units, New and Spent Cartridge.

FSC 4420 Heat Exchangers and Steam Condensers

FSC 4460 Air Purification Equipment

Includes Electronic Precipitators; Dust Collection Equipment.

Excludes Fan and Blower Equipment (FSC 4140); Air Conditioning Equipment (FSC 4120).

FSC 4410 Industrial Boilers

Includes Steam Boilers, over 15 pounds WSP. Marine Boilers; Boiler Drums; Water Heaters, Low Pressure (over 100 gallon recovery capacity).

FSC 4430 Industrial Furnaces, Kilns, Lehrs, and Ovens

Includes Crucible Furnaces; Cupola Furnaces.

Excludes Food Industry Ovens (FSC 7310); Metal Heat Treating Furnaces (FSC 3424); Laboratory Type Furnaces (FSC 6640).