FSC 4010 Chain and Wire Rope

Includes Bead Chain; Weldless Chain; Single Leg Chain Assemblies; Wire Rope; Wire Cord; Single Leg Wire Assemblies.

Excludes Power Transmission Chain (FSC 3020); Slings.

FSC 4020 Fiber Rope, Cordage, and Twine

Includes Fibrous Cord Assemblies; Fibrous Cord; Fibrous Rope; Fibrous Twine.

Excludes Wire Rope (FSC 4010); Slings (FSC 3940).

FSC 4030 Fittings for Rope, Cable, and Chain

Includes Anchor Guys; Wire Stranded Bands; Wire Rope Clamps; Cargo Hooks; Shackles; Swivels; Rope Terminals; Rope Wedges.

Excludes Clamp Blocks (FSC 5340); Support Hooks (FSC 5340).