FSC 3940 Blocks, Tackle, Rigging, and Slings

Excludes Load Chain; Chain and Metal Rope Fittings; Wire Rope; Hoists; Ship Rigging.

FSC 3920 Material Handling Equipment, Nonself-Propelled

Includes Dolly Trucks; Pushcarts; Handcarts; Wheelbarrows; Hand Trucks; Materials Handling Trailers.

Excludes Conveyors.

FSC 3990 Miscellaneous Materials Handling Equipment

Includes Skids; Pallets.

Excludes Airfield Engine Transport Skids.

FSC 3915 Materials Feeders

Includes Dry Materials Feeders; Parts Feeders

Excludes Aggregate and Fines Feeders; Conveyor Feeders; Water Purification Dry Chemical Feeders.

FSC 3960 Freight Elevators

FSC 3950 Winches, Hoists, Cranes, and Derricks

Includes Windlasses: Capstans: Ore Bridges: Gypsies: Warehouse Cranes: Wharf Cranes, Mobile or Fixed: Overhead Traveling Cranes.

Excludes Crane-Shovels (FSC 3810); Barge Mounted Cranes (FSC 1935); Winches for Integral Mounting on Trucks or Tractors (FSC 3830); Locomotive Cranes (FSC 2230).

FSC 3910 Conveyors

Includes Pneumatic Tube Systems; Portable, Stationary, Powered, and Nonpowered Conveyors; Conveyor Feeders.

FSC 3930 Warehouse Trucks and Tractors, Self-Propelled

Includes Tug Jockeys; Fork Lift Trucks; Platform Trucks; Straddle Trucks.