FSC 3750 Gardening Implements and Tools

Includes Garden Tractors, Walking Type; Lawn Mowers, Powered and Nonpowered; Hedge Trimers; Lawn Seeders; Fertilizer Spreaders; Gardening Rakes, Forks, Hoes, and Other Gardening Tools.

FSC 3710 Soil Preparation Equipment

Includes Harrows; Plows; Seed Drills; Seeder Attachments; Sprayers.

FSC 3730 Dairy, Poultry, and Livestock Equipment

FSC 3770 Saddlery, Harness, Whips, and Related Animal Furnishings

Includes Dog Harnesses; Leads.

FSC 3720 Harvesting Equipment

Includes Hayrakers; Mowers.

Excludes Mower Attachments (FSC 3750); Sickle Bar Attachments (FSC 3750).

FSC 3740 Pest, Disease, and Frost Control Equipment

Includes Atomizers; Delousing Outfits; Dusters; Fly Swatters; Flypaper; Fog Generators; Sprayers; Traps.

Excludes Self Pressurized Spray Kits (FSC 4940).