FSC 3610 Printing, Duplicating, and Bookbinding Equipment

Includes Offset Presses; Typesetting Machinery; Bookbinding Machinery; Photoengraving Machinery; Printing Type; Rules; Leads; Slugs; Line Gages; Quoins; Plate Hooks; Gelatine Process Machines; Spirit Process Machines; Stencil Process Machines; Offset Process Machines; Photostat Machines; Blueprint Printing and Developing Machines; Print Shop Furniture.

Excludes Microfilm Machines.

FSC 3645 Leather Tanning and Leather Working Industries Machinery

FSC 3693 Industrial Assembly Machines

Includes Industrial Production Type Power Screwdriving Machines; Circuit Card Assembly Machines.

Excludes Specialized Ammunition and Ordnance Assembly Machines; Wrapping and Packaging Machinery; Metalworking Machinery; Hand Tools.

FSC 3611 Industrial Marking Machines

Excludes Marking Machines, Laundry; Printing Machine, Label; Printing Press, Label; Embossing Machines, Office Type; and Marking Machines, Office Type.

FSC 3650 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing Machinery

Includes Crushers and Mills for Chemical Materials; Pharmaceutical Briquetting and Tabletting Presses; Chemical Explosive Manufacturing Machinery.

Excludes Construction Materials Crushers, Mills and Pulverizers; Plastic Products Manufacturing Machinery; Pharmaceutical Products Wrapping and Packaging Machinery; Laboratory and Shop Type Mills and Mixers.

FSC 3694 Clean Work Stations, Controlled Environment, and Related Equipment

Includes Laminar and Nonlaminar Flow Enclosures; Dust Controlled Facilities; Air Showers.

FSC 3615 Pulp and Paper Industries Machinery

Includes Chippers; Digestors; Beaters; Bleaching Equipment; Paperboard Manufacturing Machinery.

Excludes Paperboard Box, Case and Tray Making Machines.

FSC 3655 Gas Generating and Dispensing Systems, Fixed or Mobile

Excludes Meteorological Equipment.

FSC 3695 Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery

Includes Communication Wire Dispenser Fabricating Machinery; Specialized Logging Equipment; Petroleum Refinery Machinery; Shoemaking Machinery; Production Type Impregnating Equipment.

Excludes Opthalmic Lens Cutting and Grinding Machinery; Clothing Impregnating Equipment.

FSC 3620 Rubber and Plastics Working Machinery

Includes Plasticators; Presses; Synthetic Rubber Working Machinery; Thread Extruding Machinery; Vulcanizing Machinery.

Excludes Protective Covering Laminating Presses; Tire Maintenance and Repair Equipment.

FSC 3660 Industrial Size Reduction Machinery

Excludes Chemical Products and Construction and Mining Type Crushing, Pulverizing, Screening and Mixing Machinery; Maintenance and Repair Shop Type Mixers.

FSC 3625 Textile Industries Machinery

Includes Cotton Ginning Machinery; Looms; Button Covering Machines; Rope Laying Machines; Lace Machines.

FSC 3670 Specialized Semiconductor, Microcircuit, and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Machinery

Includes Substrate Preparation Equipment; Circuit Pattern Forming Equipment; Interconnecting and Packaging Equipment.

Excludes Assembly Machines for Mounting Discrete Components on Printed Wiring Boards.

FSC 3630 Clay and Concrete Products Industries Machinery

Includes Brickmaking Machinery.

FSC 3680 Foundry Machinery, Related Equipment and Supplies

Includes Molding Machines; Tumbling Mills, Foundry Dextrine; Core Paste.

Excludes Crucible Furnaces; Cupola Furnaces; Foundry Hand Tools.

FSC 3635 Crystal and Glass Industries Machinery

Includes Optical Goods Manufacturing Machinery.

Excludes Ophthalmic Lens Cutting, Drilling, Edging, and Grinding Machines; Specialized Semiconductor, Microcircuit, and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Machinery.

FSC 3685 Specialized Metal Container Manufacturing Machinery and Related Equipment

Includes Drum and Jerrican Manufacturing Machinery; Specially Designed Container Leak Testing Machines; Can Making Machinery.

FSC 3690 Specialized Ammunition and Ordnance Machinery and Related Equipment

Includes Ammunition and Explosive Loading (Filling and Assembling) Specialized Machinery; Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Machinery; Artillery and Anti-Aircraft Shell Manufacturing Machinery.

Excludes Ammunition and Weapons Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment; Nonspecialized or Standard Machinery not designed exclusively for manufacturing or assembling ammunition and ordnance equipment.

FSC 3605 Food Products Machinery and Equipment

Includes Industrial Food Products Equipment.

Excludes Kitchen and Galley Equipment.

FSC 3640 Tobacco Manufacturing Machinery