FSC 2240 Locomotive and Rail Car Accessories and Components

Includes Brake Beams and Components; Couplers; Trucks and Components; Journals and Components; Wheel Sets and Components.

Excludes Railroad Furniture (FSG 71).

FSC 2250 Track Material, Railroad

Includes Railroad Rails; Railroad Tie Plates; Railroad Turnouts and Components; Railroad Spikes.

Excludes Ballast (FSC 5610); Railroad Ties (FSC 5510).

FSC 2210 Locomotives

Excludes Self-Propelled Cars.

FSC 2220 Rail Cars

Includes Trailed Cars; Self-Propelled Cars.

Excludes Aerial Tramway Cars.

FSC 2230 Right-of-Way Construction and Maintenance Equipment, Railroad

Includes Rail Laying, Joining and Shifting Equipment; Self-propelled and Car Mounted Cranes.

Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).