FSC 1925 Special Service Vessels

Includes Tugs; Towboats; Fire Boats; Ice Breakers; Repair Ships; Tender Vessels (Buoy, Lighthouse, Destroyer); Lightships; Cable Ships; Salvage and Submarine Rescue Vessels.

Excludes Combat Vessels; Dredges.

FSC 1905 Combat Ships and Landing Vessels

Includes Aircraft Carriers; Battleships; Cruisers; Destroyers; Submarines; Frigates and Corvettes; Gunboats; Motor Torpedo Boats; Subchasers; Landing Barges; Minelaying and Mine Sweeping Craft.

FSC 1945 Pontoons and Floating Docks

Includes Camels; Pontoon Stanchions; Pontoon Ramps.

Excludes Floating Drydocks; Bridge Floats and Pontoons; Pontoon Hardware (Jewelry).

FSC 1930 Barges and Lighters, Cargo

Includes Aircraft Lighters, Car Floats, and other Transportation Barges, Depot Barges; Scows.

FSC 1910 Transport Vessels, Passenger and Troop

FSC 1950 Floating Drydocks

FSC 1915 Cargo and Tanker Vessels

FSC 1935 Barges and Lighters, Special Purpose

Includes Derrick, Piledriver, and Rock Cutter Barges; Barrage Balloon, Catapult Lighter, and Torpedo Testing Barges; Concrete Mixing Plant, Mechanical Bank Grader, and other Bank Revetment Barges; Fire, Smudge Removal, and other Pump Barges; Houseboats, except Yacht Type; Power Plant Barges; Refrigeration Barges; Barge Mounted Cranes, Flexible Towed Barges.

Excludes Combat Landing Barges.

FSC 1955 Dredges

Includes Dredges, without Hull; Ocean-Going Dredges; Floating Dredges.

FSC 1920 Fishing Vessels

FSC 1940 Small Craft

Includes Powered and Unpowered Small Craft; Lifesaving Boats; Airplane Crash Boats; Reconnaissance Boats; Yachts; Pneumatic Boats.

Excludes Fishing Craft; Life Rafts, including Pneumatic; Bridge Floats and Pontoons.

FSC 1990 Miscellaneous Vessels

Includes Commercial Sailing Vessels.