FSC 1427 Guided Missile Subsystems

Excludes Complete Guided Missile Systems.

FSC 1440 Launchers, Guided Missile

Includes Airborne and Nonairborne Guided Missile Launchers.

Excludes Aircraft Launchers; Rocket Launchers.

FSC 1420 Guided Missile Components

Includes Structural Components; Components and Accessories Specially Designed for use on or with guided missiles, including Complete Gyro Mechanisms, Hydraulic Pumps, Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Specially Designed Assemblies, and Electronic Guidance Equipment installed in missiles.

Excludes Electronic Remote Guidance Equipment used to guide missiles; Solid and Liquid Propellant Units; Components of Gyro Mechanisms.

FSC 1430 Guided Missile Remote Control Systems

Includes Specially Designed Components of Guided Missile Remote Control Systems.

Excludes Guided Missile Internal (Built-in) Control Systems; Components used in both guided missiles and other than guided missiles (including fire control components).

FSC 1410 Guided Missiles

Includes Complete Drones, initially designed as missiles, but converted to drone use. Also includes complete guided missile air launch decoys.

FSC 1425 Guided Missile Systems, Complete

Excludes Guided Missile Subsystems.

FSC 1450 Guided Missile Handling and Servicing Equipment

Includes Specially Designed Trucks and Trailers for use in transporting guided missiles; Specially Designed Slings, Hoists, Jacks, and Blowers; Self-propelled Vehicles and Trailers, Specially Designed for Guided Missile Handling or Servicing; Covers, Guided Missile; Conditioning Kits and Sets, Controlled Environment.

Excludes Guided Missile Launchers (FSC 1440); Aircraft Handling and Servicing Equipment (FSC 1730).