FSC 1005 Guns, through 30mm

Includes Machine Guns; Brushes, Machine Gun and Pistol.

Excludes Turrets, Aircraft.

FSC 1020 Guns, over 125mm through 150mm

Includes Breech Mechanisms; Power Drives; Gun Shields.

FSC 1040 Chemical Weapons and Equipment

Includes Flame Throwers; Smoke Generators.

FSC 1075 Degaussing and Mine Sweeping Equipment

FSC 1025 Guns, over 150mm through 200mm

Includes Firing Platforms; Mounts; Gun Shields.

FSC 1010 Guns, over 30mm up to 75mm

Includes Breech Mechanisms; Mounts; Grenade Launchers for Integral-Cartridge Grenades, Single-Shot or Auto-Loading or Automatic-Firing.

FSC 1045 Launchers, Torpedo and Depth Charge

Includes Depth Charge Tracks; Torpedo Tubes.

FSC 1080 Camouflage and Deception Equipment

Includes Dummy Artillery, Aircraft and Vehicles; Garnished Nets.

FSC 1030 Guns, over 200mm through 300mm

Includes Gun Yokes; Rammers; Reflectors.

FSC 1055 Launchers, Rocket and Pyrotechnic

Includes Airborne Rocket Launchers adaptable to guided missile use.

Excludes Specifically designed Airborne Guided Missile Launchers; Jettisonable Rocket Launchers; Launcher Fairings designed for specific airframes; Rifle Grenade Launchers; Grenade Launchers for Integral-Cartridge Grenades, Single-Shot or Auto-Loading or Automatic Firing.

FSC 1090 Assemblies Interchangeable Between Weapons in Two or More Classes

Includes Components and Accessories used on or with weapons falling in two or more classes of Group 10.

FSC 1015 Guns, 75mm through 125mm

Includes Breech Mechanisms; Mounts; Rammers.

FSC 1035 Guns, over 300mm

Includes Breech Mechanisms; Training Gears; Power Drives.

FSC 1070 Nets and Booms, Ordnance

FSC 1095 Miscellaneous Weapons

Includes Line Throwing Guns; Catapult Guns; Bayonets; Saluting Guns; Signal Guns; Flare Guns; Barrage Balloons; Accessories, not elsewhere classifiable, for weapons in this group; Expendable Bomb Dispensers.